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  • Meaningful Inclusion starts from the Bathroom to the Boardroom — Empowering Trans, Gender Variant and Intersex ( TGI ) and Gender Non-binary individuals in the workplace from the Bathroom to the Boardroom. Influencing the transgender ecosystem to eradicate Conscious and Unconscious bias.

  • Diversity in Clinical Trials — Best practices for Pharmaceuticals to include and retain Trans and Gender Diverse patients from various intersectionalities, ethnicities, and demographics to bring meaning to diversity in clinical trials. 

  • Meaningful allyship with the Medical Community — How to influence change and reduce bias in the four Pillar of Healthcare: Provider, Payor, Pharmaceutical, and Policymakers towards LGBTQ+ individuals.

  • At the intersection of Neurodiversity and Gender Diversity  — Individuals who are neurodiverse may place importance on gender. It is important to understand how these individuals may be best supported by the providers, employers, and other communities they are involved. 

  • TRANScending patriarchy in our workplace — The future is Intersectional. Why is it important to focus on your younger generation and Millennials? Why Mental Health is important for trans individuals?

  • Building meaningful ALLIES within your Company — How can you create a PRIDE 365 culture — Instead of Pinkwashing & Branding Trans folks. Is HRC CEI Index good enough to bring about the change you need in your company? Are your DEI champions just managing your brand and Optics?

  • Be a proactive, not a reactive Organization — Organizational change is evident while introducing TGI individuals in the workplace. People, Processes, and Technology changes need to be addressed at every level within Business Functions, HR, ERG, Security, and IT.

  • Policy changes in HR, Recruiting, Training, and Development — As the face of every company, why is it paramount for HR, recruiters, and recruiting agencies to be cognizant and educated about TGI job seekers.

  • A Caring Community culture is vital for your company’s future — Your employees come from different backgrounds and everyone is engrained with Conscious and Unconscious Bias. Creating a caring culture with psychological safety is of utmost importance for your employees. Especially LGBTQ+ employees and jobseekers.

  • The Science behind being Transgender — Why policies shouldn’t be made based on XX or XY? What is Gender Dysphoria?

    Personal & Motivational

  • Building allyship and trust within your family — Coming out as a TransParent to my teenage daughter. Focusing on our lives as husband and dad. I came out to my wife and daughter and now they are my biggest ALLIES.

  • Five Pieces of my Puzzle - Dream-Doubt-Denial-Discovery-Destiny. While fighting for Trans rights my focus shifted toward human rights.

  • The Invisible Trans Community in India — Gender Identity: Not a recent trend but a 7000-year-old culture.

  • Coping with Covid and Gender Dysphoria — What COVID did to my Gender Dysphoria? How are TGI individuals coping with their mental health?

  • Does Bible really discriminate against transgender individuals? — Why do Christians use Bible to hate the LGBTQ+ community?

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