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Policy Guidelines for the TGI community

Does your organization have any policy or guidelines for TGI (Trans, Gender expansive and Intersex ) community ? Is it current? Based on the recent research and education, terminologies and abbreviations are constantly evolving. We can help you to move the needle.

Best Practices for any organization 

  • Guidance for all Employees in your team

  • Guidance for transitioning employees

  • Guidance for managers of transitioning employees

  • Basics of Allyship at the workplace

Transition Guidelines at work

  • HR Process workflow and guidelines about - coming out at work. 

  • How to create workplace transition with your boss and team.

  • Announcement and the official start day procedures

  • Ongoing follow up and periodic check up

Privacy and Confidentiality

  • Coming out at work

  • Rights and responsibilities

  • Privacy and Confidentiality

  • Providing a safe environment

  • Specific policies – Names/Pronouns, Employee record, Health benefits, leave, professional license, dress code, restroom/locker room 

Training and Development

  • Transgender and Gender variant awareness pieces of training

  • Allyship trainings

  • LGBTQ+ Medical & Mental health awareness trainings

  • Key events during the year to continue supporting the community

Transitional related care

  • Definition of transition – Social, Legal, and Medical

  • Transgender and gender diverse employees who prefer to socially transition

  • Aligning TGI benefits with Payors and Providers.


  • Contacts and Support

  • Resources

  • Terms and Definitions

  • FAQs

 Get in touch to learn more about our policy assessment

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