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Trans issues are Human, not political

Updated: Jun 12, 2022

My friends and I are celebrating PRIDE at the Ventura County Government Center. They do work in public health and patients with HIV/AIDS.

As a DEIB-focused organization If you want to check a few boxes every year during Pride, you will only stay at “D” for the next few years catching up.


Client: Celia, can you pls not bring up the political slide in your presentation?

Me: You mean the 280+ anti-transgender bills in healthcare, school and work?

Client: Yeah, that one. I don’t want to offend anyone.

Me: I understand. But isn’t that the purpose of your DEIB session? To instigate tough conversations in a safe environment?

Client: Unfortunately, we have some conservative folks in our company

Me: OK, I will remove that slide but I will share my story which will help your folks understand that these are human rights issues not political.


Your employees cannot pretend to be inclusive in the workplace when they fundamentally have a bias towards LGBTQ+ employees at work.

- Unless we create a safe environment of trust and respect, we will never value each other.

- Unless we stop assuming and start listening to each, we will never find that common ground.

- Unless we see each other eye to eye and learn to smile when we disagree, we will continue to live in doubt, fear, and hatred.

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