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Recruter: Hello, can I speak to Celia Daniels ?

Me: This is she.

Recruter: My name is <> I am calling from <>, how are you doing today ?

Me: Good. Thanks for asking.

Recruter: I came across your profile and you have a great management background. Would you be interested in a program management position?

Me: Well it depends.

Recruter: Am I speaking to Celia ?

Me: Yes, I am Celia.

Recruter: You sound like a man. You are sure you are Celia ?

Me: Yes. I am Celia. What you just said is very inappropriate. Did you check my resume or my LinkedIn before calling me?

Recruter: No. That's why I am calling.

Me: Well, you should have done that before calling me. And BTW, I am trans.

Recruter: OK. Are you interested ?

Me: No. Absolutely not. Bye.

He didn't apologize but sounded rather condescending. I cut the call and had to calm myself down for a few minutes and gather my thoughts. Gender Dysphoria can knock the wind out of your sails before you can pull yourself together.

When you have mental health challenges, such micro aggressions can be highly intimidating and can even doubt your self worth.

Your company may be

- Great in DEIB

- Friendly to the LGBTQ+ community.

- HRC CEI of 100%

- Best place to work in the planet.

But if you lack empathy, none of this matters. On second thought, I wish I could have educated this person. But I was totally exhausted :(

Recruiters are the ambassadors of your organization. If they do not have the proper training or understanding of Trans and Gender diverse employees and jobseekers, you will end up with negative reviews and loosing talented folks to your peers.

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